Energizing teachers, teams, and leaders with the science of emotion.

I greatly enjoy sharing insights from psychological science and neuroscience with a public audience, and working with colleges and universities, businesses, and other groups to maximize their success using empirically-based strategies.

See below for descriptions of my keynote addresses and workshops on the science of teaching and learning, on motivation and goal-setting, and on team optimization.

Teaching Workshops:
The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion

I have worked with colleges and universities big and small to deliver keynote addresses, workshops, and institutes for their teachers. For more on my speaking and workshops directly related to higher education, read about my book The Spark of Learning: Energizing the College Classroom with the Science of Emotion and related speaking engagements hereor contact me at sarahDOTroseDOTcavanaghATgmail.com.16002920_1219579384784602_7794638690249267405_n

You can hear more about the ideas in the book here in my podcast interview on Teaching in Higher Ed.


Motivation, Emotion, & Goal-Setting

I also have worked one-on-one with several businesses and groups, sharing what psychological science has to say about the power of goal-setting, self-control, and amplifying intrinsic motivation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 6.05.39 AM

For instance, I worked with the Bose Corporation on how emotion science could inform a new product they were developing and the Psychiatry Department at Mount Auburn hospital on how goal-setting science could help their patients engage in better health compliance. I gave an address at Globoforce’s WorkHuman conference on surface acting at work and how to best take advantage of the emotional dynamics in your workforce (see talk here).

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Team Dynamics

Together with Julie Sargent, I also offer workshops on team performance and optimization, for example for the Boston-area thinktank Subforum.


Public Appearances

Currently I blog on affective neuroscience for Psychology Today. From 2010-2011 I wrote a blog for Whole Living magazine on the topics of motivation and positive psychology. Related to this work, I appeared on the Martha Stewart television show to speak about healthy living and on Whole Living’s Sirius show to speak about the scientific study of procrastination. I have also appeared on New England Cable News, discussing the science of romantic love, and on Higher Education Today to discuss a variety of neuroscience topics.

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 6.21.08 AMDSC_0002

If you are interested in hearing more about how I could help your business or group use psychological science, please contact me


at sarahDOT roseDOTcavanaghATgmail.com.

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