Speaking and Consulting

Energizing teachers, teams, and leaders with the science of emotion.

I greatly enjoy sharing insights from psychological science and neuroscience with a public audience, and working with colleges and universities, businesses, and other groups to maximize their success using empirically-based strategies.

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For my current speaking flyer for details on keynotes, workshops, and consulting, click HERE.

Public Appearances

Currently I blog on affective neuroscience for Psychology Today. From 2010-2011 I wrote a blog for Whole Living magazine on the topics of motivation and positive psychology. Related to this work, I appeared on the Martha Stewart television show to speak about healthy living and on Whole Living’s Sirius show to speak about the scientific study of procrastination. I have also appeared on New England Cable News, discussing the science of romantic love, and on Higher Education Today to discuss a variety of neuroscience topics.

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If you are interested in hearing more about how I could help your business or group use psychological science, please contact me


at sarahDOT roseDOTcavanaghATgmail.com.

2 thoughts on “Speaking and Consulting

  1. Sarah,

    I mailed you a few days ago at the address above, but since I did not get a reply yet (okay, I know I’ve hardly waited, but I have something important to talk about), so just in case that address does not work, I’m writing you here too. It is about a possible chance to speak in Japan. My mail address is ctskelly at gmail.

    Curtis Kelly

    1. Hello Curtis,

      I did send you an email this afternoon a bit before 1pm my time – strange that you haven’t received it yet. It did have two attachments, but that’s not caused problems before. I’ll try re-sending?


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