Links on Love

These are follow-up links and citations for my recent Psychology Today blog post on Taming Love… With Science.

Please I want some more… science.
These are all pdfs to peer-reviewed research.

Tell me more about research on romantic love in general.

Reis, H. T., & Aron, A. (2008). Love: What is it, why does it matter, and how does it operate?Perspectives on Psychological Science3(1), 80-86.

What’s this about shared cognitive representations in positive interactions? 

Lakey, B., & Orehek, E. (2011). Relational regulation theory: A new approach to explain the link between perceived social support and mental healthPsychological Review118(3), 482.

I’m really interested in how it is that desires hijack mental processes. Where can I read more?

Hofmann, W., & Van Dillen, L. (2012). Desire: The New Hot Spot in Self-Control Research. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 21(5), 317-322.

I’d like to read more about the neuroscience of love.

Aron, A., Fisher, H., Mashek, D. J., Strong, G., Li, H., & Brown, L. L. (2005). Reward, motivation, and emotion systems associated with early-stage intense romantic love. Journal of neurophysiology94(1), 327-337.

Xu, X., Brown, L., Aron, A., Cao, G., Feng, T., Acevedo, B., & Weng, X. (2012). Regional brain activity during early-stage intense romantic love predicted relationship outcomes after 40 months: An fMRI assessment. Neuroscience Letters.

Enough with the science, just serve me up some love.

Several of the quotes I use are from a compilation of love quotes from by Maria Popova. She also provides an excellent review of Barbara Fredrickson’s Love 2.0 book.

This is a beautiful, if scientifically meaningless, short film on an fMRI “love competition”.

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